Pick of the #PedagooFriday tweets 16/03/12

This week’s selection of #PedagooFriday Tweets

As well as the usual great things from your classroom, why not share a book/article that has greatly influenced your teaching #PedagooFriday

Book recommendations first –

All teachers need to read 'Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google' by @ #PedagooFriday
Kenny Pieper
Jo Boaler - The elephant in the classroom. Made me think about the impact of my teaching on pupils. #pedagoofriday http://t.co/XY0WY4b8
Martyn Call
#pedagoofriday early but in case I forget, inspirational text @'s Could Do Better. Superb.
Bryan Gregg
#pedagoofriday +1 for Mindset by Carol Dweck. Key message: praise effort, not achievement, to nurture a growth mindset.
Robert Jones


Now some of the great stuff that’s been going on this week –

#pedagooFriday this week I've been looking at the power of using blogs in history http://t.co/zZ76rJ3D
Mister West
Have a look at the weather games on @ to see what Jennifer, our student teacher, has been up to with S3 #PedagooFriday
Brilliant S1 pupils took charge this week: asked to meet classmates in small groups to check on progress/offer support #pedagoofriday
Alan Hamilton
Ch were great talking to Comms for Rural Ed about sch and their learning. Heard fab egs of how they were linking learning #pedagoofriday
caroline breyley
Enjoyed having pupils get excited over pi-day. I got 3 cards, a cupcake and excellent discussion on transcendental numbers. #pedagoofriday
Martyn Call
#PedagooFriday #BigWriting Science Creative writing - "What would the World look like today if the Russians had won the Space Race..."
Steven Wilkinson
Used Google forms to record class test. Instantly marked by flubaroo http://t.co/b5BeL8go Easy marking #pedagoofriday http://t.co/LYrCQqeP
#pedagoofriday teaching structure through comedy timing - fun times 🙂
Lisa Jane Ashes
Today I love my job! Who'd be a teacher? I would! Hard working teachers took time 2 share innovative approaches & enjoyed it! #pedagoofriday
Liz Sutherland

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