Pick of the #pedagoofriday tweets 20/01/12

Another fantastic #pedagoofriday, thanks to all for sharing! Once again this is not intended to be the best tweets, just a selection to show what #pedagoofriday is all about!

#pedagoofriday had such fun with crystal maze punctuation...fun but effective in getting y9 to redraft
Lisa Jane Ashes
#pedagoofriday Said do book report anyway you want. S1 dressed up and reenacted scenes, fan blog, cartoons, comic strips, iPad, podcast etc
David Terron
My first #pedagoofriday - Children were solving a murder mystery, each group diff clue. Tricky but got it! Were so excited and a good boost!
Paul Campbell
#pedagoofriday modelled digestive absorption with S2s 'being' glucose molecules passing through a gut wall made of desks.
Drew Burrett
Using glow learn and e-portfolios with S1 maths class to track and evidence work so far this term. #manicbutfun #pedagoofriday #cfe
Martyn Call
#pedagoofriday outdoor learning- throwing bean bags into a bucket- count how many then find number,kids loved it &kept asking to play again!
Charlene Brannan
@ Educational value of Dr Who proven today: S2s knew sonnet is 14 lines because of Shakespeare Code on Dr Who. #pedagoofriday
Liz Sutherland
Reading the #pedagoofriday posts makes such a positive end to the week; thanks everyone!
caroline breyley

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