Pick of the #PedagooFriday tweets 24/02/12

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to a great #pedagoofriday 🙂
This selection of tweets represents just a small number of the brilliant tweets sharing good practice.  So: what’s been happening in your classroom this week?

@ had P7s research Eco issues to teach P4 kids how to make infographics. #responsible citizens #pedagoofriday
Jay Helbert
#pedagoofriday Building dioramas of key incidents in Julius Caesar with Playmobil. Took photos with iPhone and mailed them to pc immediately
Judith Weston
#pedagoofriday Classes making water-cycle come alive with models using fish tanks, soil and plants. evaporation/condensation/precipitation
George Gilchrist
S1 creating and editing a class magazine on the topic Sexting and Internet Safety. Proud of the way they have taken control #pedagoofriday
Alan Hamilton
#pedagoofriday S4 watching 'Freedom Writers' DVD and getting really engaged with the kids in it. Should be good for impromptu writing Monday
David Terron
#pedagoofriday this week I have used prezi with students for independent work and data analysis in PE (pic eg of work) http://t.co/yWqx4YMD
Mr Bulmer
#pedagoofriday screenshot from one of my S3 Tracker videos. Points give position, allow PC to find speed. http://t.co/fsxSI9R6
Drew Burrett
Taught netbook-using class to minimise WP's left menu & use Screen Options 1 column etc. to max writing space. #pedagoofriday #glowblogs
David Gilmour
#PedagooFriday did revision with S1 by having them make up questions that they thought might be in a test then doing each others
Robert Jones
Very pleased with food and farming efforts today Some good Geography to come nxt wk http://t.co/R62i2Kzz #pedagoofriday #geographyteacher
#pedagoofriday getting S1 pupils to take images on mobile phones and bringing them in to class to edit on Photoplus 11.
Michael Penny
#PedagooFriday Tried the "I'm Changing" activity from the Invisible Teaching book @ gave me to show why change can be hard. Fab!
Fearghal Kelly

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