Pick of the #pedagoofriday tweets 27th April

Examples of the magic happening in classes up and down the UK.


My pupils are really benefiting from having a very keen BEd 3 student. Well done on a great first week @ #pedagoofriday
Advertising the benefits of drinking milk in health. P3's 'Got milk?' posters with painted milk moustaches made me smile! 🙂 #pedagoofriday
Danielle McNulty
@ S1 hurricane survival kit advert. Peer assessment - 2stars and a wish on post it #pedagoofriday http://t.co/jJHAC5rC
Jennifer Miller
enjoyed being solids, liquids and gases on the playground in our science lesson #pedagoofriday
Class 5W
Giving my P3s their plants learning logs and hearing them talk about what they would add at home of their own choosing #pedagoofriday
S2 pupils cooperatively planning Olympics unit for our class and a school assembly for S2 Olympics fortnight. Brilliant. #pedagoofriday
Jason Hynes
Bringing the curriculum to life with world of work and a real life examples working with employers. #pedagoofriday #employability
Stephen Logan 
#pedagoofriday I use a combination of @ videos and a twitter feed to help my exam students revise
#pedagoofriday created a crime scene using props and crime scene tape to get Y10 exploring Todorov and Propp. CSI!

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