Plenary Prefects

How about Plenary Prefects?

Last week, I tweeted my #PedagooFriday idea of the week:

Having been invited to expand on my tweet, here is a brief introduction to the idea.

I have always struggled to make plenaries meaningful and embedded in my day-to-day practice. If executed badly, the plenary can come across as an awkward bolt-on to the lesson: all too often rushed through while students shuffle their feet, ready to leave the classroom. So when I read of the idea of Plenary Prefects through the guest post of Shaun Allison ( on the blog of  (, a light came on: this is the way to incorporate meaningful plenaries into everyday practice.

This is the way I do it…

I enter student names into a random name generator. The fruit machine link below seems to go down well:

This student is now the Plenary Prefect and is handed the Star of Responsibility:

plenary prefect

The Plenary can occur several times a lesson, or at the end. Other students are invited to add their own ‘Key Points’ and ‘Common Mistakes’. It has been surprising how quickly and enthusiastically the students have taken to this – well worth a try!

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