Pupil Friday Poster Kit!

I received a lot of requests for the poster I threw together for the class #pupilfriday TwitterWall I tweeted about yesterday:

So many, that it makes more sense to make the posters available here for anyone who wants them.

I think it really important to point out that none of this was my original idea… as ever, it was something I saw on #pedagoofriday and thought looked like a great idea. To my embarrassment, I cannot remember who did do this first. Please use the comments to correct my omission!

My original used a lovely picture… but on checking, it is a StockPhoto image and as I don’t have a couple of hundred pounds to licence it, I’ve re-done the poster using an excellent CC image from VectorFree.

There are 2 main parts: The poster for the wall, and the ‘twitgrid’. I’ve bundled them into a ZIP file, along with a MS Word version you can edit. Everything is licensed under CC-Scotland-2.5. Feel free to use as you see fit, and I hope your classes take to the idea as enthusiastically as mine did. Next step is persuading the school to actually Tweet some of the responses on the official school Twitter!

Download the files by clicking this link: PupilFriday TwitterWall Kit

(or by clicking on the picture to the right! 😉

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