Starting the Conversation #PedagooHampshire16 : More for less – Marking with a purpose

I’ve no doubt we all understand the role and importance of effective marking and feedback in student progress but how can we deliver this without detriment to our work/life balance?

As part of my #PedagooHampshire16 learning conversation I’ll be sharing many of my own tried and tested ideas as well as tips that can help to reduce the amount of time we spend providing feedback without compromising its quality.

In addition I’ll be encouraging discussion around the topic of ‘More is Less – Marking with a Purpose’ where there will be an opportunity to explore the issues and solutions surrounding the provision of feedback.

To get you thinking in advance of the session, below are some questions to help inspire your thoughts.

  • How does marking and providing feedback impact upon your work/life balance?
  • What is the biggest issue for you associated with marking and feedback?
  • Does your schools marking policy impact upon your work/life balance? If so what could be change to ensure they are not detrimental to our work/life balance?
  • What other ways are there that we can provide high quality feedback without the consumption of  vast amounts of time?
  • What other formats of feedback can we give to achieve the same outcomes?
  • What marking and feedback techniques have worked for you to maintain a work/life balance?
  • How do we make verbal feedback as valuable as written feedback? Should we be evidencing it?


Feel free to suggest other questions for us to ponder and discuss on the day.

If you’d like to attend you can sign up for free here.

Thanks to @martynreah who’s hosting this year’s great line up, click here to find out about some of the learning conversations.


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