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What about a #PedagooJournal?

What could a pedagoo journal add to blogs?

Following the discussion on Twitter about the possibility of pedagoo running its own online journal, the following sets out for debate the possible aims and scope for such a journal. It also hopes to show how I think the question of what it would add to what is already achieved through blogs. It is not intended to replace blogs but to add other possibilities. Feel free to suggest changes. This would be your journal.


An open pedagoo online journal of teaching could aim to support teachers in taking the knowledge sharing that currently occurs through blogs and other means into knowledge building. Knowledge building may occur through combining findings from different things people have done (including those presented on blogs). These can be combined with findings from conventional research if appropriate, but is not required as teachers set the standards here.

The journal could also aim to provide a forum that supports teachers in exploring issues in more depth through the mechanism of peer review. These processes will lead to teacher theory building, freeing teachers from being solely dependent on others for theories.

In fact, it would be hoped that teachers will develop new kinds of theory or theories of practice that empower them in ways that are not possible from using only theories provided by others.

In combining these aims, the journal could also provide a form of professional voice not found elsewhere, and this would help to raise the status of teachers and emphasise their professionalism in a way that others will respect.


The pedagoo online journal of teaching could publish original contributions on the subject of teaching. The journal would interpret ‘teaching’ in the widest sense, to include those working in nursery, primary, secondary, further, higher, in-service and other areas of education and the broad field of staff development.┬áIt also includes student teachers of course. The journal would welcome scholarly discussions of practical, conceptual, theoretical and social issues, reports of developments in practice – including, but not necessarily, action research projects – or surveys of research work in particular fields, and contributions to current debates in teaching.

  • Articles could be anywhere between 2000 and 8000 words.
  • Harvard referencing system could be applied.
  • All articles would be peer reviewed by two reviewers from a pool of practicing teachers.
  • The journal would also consider shorter articles that focus on a novel, or otherwise, interesting practical issue.

So…what do think?