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Things I will do more of this year
August 30, 2011
  • Let my students plan more of the activities, on-going assessment and end results (summative assessment). I’ve been doing much more of this with S1 and S2 and they respond so well to the responsibility.
  • Pay attention to differentiation, particularly as we are trying to become an Autistic Friendly School.
  • Use my iPad to collect more copious notes of disciplinary, learning and personal incidents or information that will help me assess, report upon and support my students.
  • Try desperately to enthuse self and students into using GLOW despite the slowness, the constant crashing and the non-availability outside school hours which yet again mean I can’t use it to offer resources, collect homework etc.
  • Have a PERSONAL learning goal for every month. It might be to read more articles on educational things, or take part in more online meetings with colleagues from my PLN. Perhaps even to learn how to cook a Sunday lunch so the wife can have a break!
  • Write a bucket list. Several of my friends from my Army days have died this week so I’m thinking I’d better start doing it before it’s too late! Once item 1 (Win lottery) is sorted I will add more including travel to the Maldives rather than Inverness for exotic shopping experiences etc 8-)
Next year I would…
June 25, 2011

Next year I would try to involve parents more in supporting their child’s learning. I would begin with an open discussion about what their child’s issues are (I work with children with learning difficulties). I learnt the value of this late on this year, after a meeting in which a parent was very upset and worried that their child might be autistic. I was able to pass on information to her that showed that while his difficulties are similar, all his behaviour can be explained through his specific language disorder. She was not only reassured, but has come back with new enthusiasm and confidence to support her child. I great lesson in treating parents as equal partners! I would also make a much greater effort to regularly share children’s achievements and learning in their display books – which we have begun to use as PLPs – and on our class website. After reading “7 simple ways to meet the parents” on http://davidpriceblog.posterous.com/ I would add in to these, ideas about how parents could talk to their children about this and further develop their learning.

So those are my great ideas – however, I say would, not will, as what I will actually be doing is having a second baba, another year of sleepless nights, nappies, and great joy!!

Next year I’ll…

Thank you to all for your responses to our previous call for contributions. Fascinating stuff!

I think with the end of term rapidly approaching it would seem appropriate to follow it up with another call – next year I’ll…

What are you planning to do different next session? Why? How do you intend to do this?

Please feel free to add your contribution as a comment on this post, or on facebook, or email it to share@pedagoo.org [if you're already an editor on this site just login and click publish!]

I’ll get started this time…I intend to change the way I teach Intermediate 1 biology. I’ve already mentioned on my own blog how I’ve begun this process in these last couple of weeks and I’m going to persevere with this next term. This will involve planning my lessons using a learning cycle approach and striving to ensure that the lessons are as active and engaging as they possibly can be. I also intend to evaluate the impact of this in conjunction with my collaborative enquiry group at school.

What are you intending to change?