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What shall we do next year?

What a year.

The domain pedagoo.org was purchased on the 21st May last year. Prior to then the word didn’t even exist, never mind the amazing community which has developed since. Whilst it has at times been daunting, the support and involvement of so many fantastic people has really been amazing. We appear to have tapped into something here which we need to continue and grow.

Firstly though, a few thank yous. Thank you to the amazing PedagooAdmin team who give up their own precious time to make Pedagooey things happen. Thank you to Kirsty’s other half Paul, who kindly hosts the site [I don’t think it’s quite what he expected when he agreed!]. Thank you to all the folk who aren’t teachers who have provided tremendous support, advice and PR, much of which has been behind the scenes – you know who you are! But mostly, thank you to everyone who has read and contributed to the site or interacted through our twitter and facebook pages. It’s great to know that people find it useful and use the ideas and thoughts they see in their own classrooms – that’s what it’s all about.

So, where do we go next? What should we be doing in the future? How can we build on what’s been successful about Pedagoo so far? Are there other things we should be doing? We really want to know what you think.

I tweeted the following last night…

Which led to the following replies so far…

But what do you think?