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PedagooAngels? PedagooReps? PedagooPlus?…?

At our first PedagooAdmin meeting in the real world last weekend we vowed to try to stop coming up with new ideas, and focus instead on increasing involvement in the many ideas we’re already working on…we then promptly (& predictably) came up with a new idea which we just have to try!

The idea stems from two sources. Firstly, on top of their PedagooAdmin remits of events & CPD, Kirsty & Martyn have been doing stirling work promoting Pedagoo in the Borders, where they both teach. They’ve been busy organising BeerMeets, contacting the Local Authority and are planning a TeachMeet. That got us to thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have teachers in every local authority doing this sort of work. Promoting Pedagoo locally and organising BeerMeets, TeachMeets and CPD sessions…

We were also thinking that there are loads of you lovely Pedagoo supporters out there who might well be up for taking on a bigger role in leading and promoting the Pedagoo community, without taking on the increasingly large commitment of being on the PedagooAdmin team. This could therefore potentially provide a perfect role for you, if this is you.

Whilst we think this is potentially a great idea…we can’t think of a name for this role. Help!

What do you think? Would you be interested in taking on such a role in your Local Authority/Institution? If so, what do you think the remit should be? And, what should you be called? Please add your ideas below…