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TeachMeet : The Scottish Learning Fringe 2012

Every good festival has a fringe so I like to think there is a certain inevitability about this…

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After years of thinking that the inspiring Scottish Learning Festival was wasted by being held during the week when the majority of teachers couldn’t make it, we here at Pedagoo.org decided to do something about it. This year, the Scottish Learning Festival gets a Fringe! And, because we are all working teachers who can’t get to the Festival proper, we’re holding it on a Saturday.

TeachMeet : The Scottish Learning Fringe 2012

The day will be a mix of Round Table discussions and sharing which should be familiar to anyone who has ever been to a TeachMeet in the past… and a heady mix of enthusiasm, sharing and collaboration for anyone who hasn’t been to one. We have no secret agenda, we are not affiliated with any organisation, we are not doing this to score brownie points with our employers… but we are all teachers who are in the process of implementing the new Scottish Curriculum and who are willing to share what we have tried and explain what did or didn’t work. In short, we are you.

Who is the day for?

The day will be aimed at teachers who wish to learn more about the practical aspects of introducing the Scottish Curriculum. There will be a series of round table demonstrations/discussions led by practitioners who are trying some new things. What they do have in common is a willingness to share what they have tried: good, bad or ‘meh’!
This is a day for those who wish to learn and to share. It is possible that you will get some concrete answers on the day, but what is more likely is that you will be able to join in with a network of fellow teachers who are willing to kick ideas around, and work with you to help develop your own answers.

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Where and when will it be?

Having secured sponsorship for the venue thanks to the generosity of ELT Consultants the first SLFringe will take place in a yet to be decided venue in central Glasgow…watch this space!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t really one… The venue is being provided thanks to the incredible generosity of ELT Consultants… but after that, we’re on our own! You’ll either need to bring sandwiches and a flask (leather elbow patches are optional), cash to buy some of the excellent (and reasonable) food from the venue, or see if you can find someone to sponsor a tray of sandwiches or a jar of coffee! (Or cakes… we like cakes…)

The only possible catch is that places will be extremely limited. There will only be about 90 places available on the day… 🙁

What will the day look like?

We will finalise details nearer the time, but at the moment this is the current plan:

  • There will be 10 round table workshops led by teachers where they share something they’ve been doing in their classroom and then lead a discussion around this
  • Participants will sign up to three of these workshops
  • Lunch
  • We will work in groups to cross-pollinate and share key learning outcomes
  • We will retire to some suitable venue for a #BeerMeet/#TeachEat to round the day off

    Sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

    At this stage we are looking for teachers to volunteer to lead a workshop at TeachMeet Scottish Learning Fringe 2012. If you are interested in presenting, you can sign up to do so on the TeachMeet SLFringe Wiki.We will open up registration for attendance at a later date and will notify of this on here and on twitter as @pedagoo and using the hashtag #tmSLFringe12.

    Here’s the blurb from the TMWiki!

    Have you tried something in your classroom you’d like to share with colleagues from across the country? Here’s your chance to do so. By signing up you’ll be required to present something you’ve done in your classroom for approximately 20 minutes and then lead a discussion on this with your group of up to 10 participants for 20 minutes. You may be required to lead your workshop up to 3 times in the course of the morning. There will be no audio-visual equipment available for the workshops – the emphasis is therefore very much on the dialogue. We will also ask that you share your presentation and the outcomes of the discussions as a blog post on pedagoo.org.