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In advance of sharing all things Pedagoo at the East Lothian Learning Festival, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the community to help explain what Pedagoo is via twitter. I was blown away by the responses, and they’re certainly worth sharing here…

Expecting lots of folk to ask #WhatIsPedagoo tomorrow afternoon at the East Lothian Learning Festival. How should we answer them? PLEASE RT!
A community of teachers collaboratively supporting, encouraging and sharing innovative and effective approaches to education #whatispedagoo
entrepreneur me
@ a place to share & celebrate success #whatispedagoo?
Anne-Marie Weston
#WhatIsPedagoo a site by teachers, for teachers and all in education. Meaningful professional dialogue to develop your thinking & practice.
George Gilchrist
@ is a brilliant mess of stories about teaching experiences and pupil success ... a staffroom without the cynics. #whatispedagoo?
Jason Hynes
#WhatIsPedagoo makes you thinks differently and can be uncomfortable #worthit
John Sexton
@ #whatispedagoo A site by teachers not directed by any agenda, a place where you can be inspired and try out other peoples ideas.
Pamela Currie
@ #whatispedagoo A place where risk is permitted, failure is seen as opportunity and success is a shared not solitary experience.
Karen Doherty
RT “@: @ it's open and effective support and CPD for teachers!” #WhatIsPedagoo
@ #WhatIsPedagoo an alarm call to wake you up, a pebble in the shoe of complacency, but most of all a family of educators
Gareth Surgey
@ #WhatIsPedagoo - practitioners who are reflective, who place their learners at the centre of all they do while striving to improve.
Ruairidh Nicolson
The best kind of cpd - without even realising it is cpd #WhatIsPedagoo
David Sansom
#WhatIsPedagoo the best and most supportive form of CPD I've found! Always another supportive practitioner just a tweet away!
Kevin Thornley
@ #whatispedagoo A voice that allows all educators regardless of post to explore ideas about learning and learn from colleagues
Yvonne McCracken
@ #WhatIsPedagoo what we do that impacts on the learners. If not their is no point! Plan Do Review. That old chestnut.
Joyce Hawkins
#whatispedagoo the future of cpd! And a tool of collaborative learning! Learned so much from simply reading
Darren Leslie
#whatispedagoo A community of questioning, challenging, supporting, positive educators
caroline breyley
@ #WhatIsPedagoo A community sticking to the task of making learning better.
Joe Wilson
RT “@: @ pedagoo is the Valium on the bad days.” #WhatIsPedagoo
#WhatIsPedagoo A community of 'learning' focused professionals
@ #WhatIsPedagoo A community of collaborative child centred creators
Joyce Matthews
#whatispedagoo the supportive & caring network of colleagues that helps us develop; the kind we wish existed in every school. (now it does)
Iain Hallahan

…so now you know…thank you all for replying!