Teach Meets and the Power of networks…

It’s the morning after the night before…. And again, like Kenny Pieper, amazed and humbled by the commitment and passion of the teachers who attended the Pedagoo Christmas party.

What you have to remember is for many of us, we have never met outside the virtual world of Twitter and a game of ‘Guess Who’ was played throughout the day and evening particularly for those of us who don’t have photos for our avatars. My final ‘who are you?’ came at 1.30am in a club in the middle of Newcastle on Saturday night.

I had gone with a BIG dose of imposter complex – am I good enough to be here? I left knowing that this is not how it is viewed by anyone. Everyone has something to contribute, however big or small, technical or paper based. I cannot single out any individual as there was just so much I took from everyone via presentations or just conversations through the day and evening.

Teach Meets are also about the contacts. I have a couple of email addresses, more blog posts to write (Yes Kenny, I’m writing them all this holiday) and the knowledge that I have a few more people who I can call on when I need a discussion, an idea or someone to bounce ideas off. Impressive, when you realise that for many, we walked into a room full of strangers on Saturday morning and parted in the early hours of Sunday morning feeling like we have known each other for a long time.

On a more personal note, the Pedagoo Christmas Party provided me with a key time to get feedback on some of the conceptual models for my doctorate research. Thank you to Kenny Pieper, Laura Sutherland, Samantha Farr,  @Lovelinkous for their detailed feedback on the ‘scrappy, handrawn, flow charts’ that I turned up with. While I knew the decision making process that I undertook when picking up ideas from Twitter, it was important to the whole process that other people gave their views and quite remarkable how consistent the answers were.  This feedback and discussion (as well as many other discussions) provided more food for thought in my quest to understand how teachers learn from each other in informal settings; an under researched area of teacher learning.

So what was the best bit? For me… the look on everyone’s faces when Mark Anderson demonstrated augmented reality – it was a jaw dropping moment!

For individuals who work in schools such as mine, where I am trying to implement small incremental changes in pedagogy, teachmeets provide that boost of positivity to keep us going in those dark times. So thank you to all of you.. it was a real pleasure.

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