TeachMeet Pedagoo❤Libraries #tmlovelibraries

The Pedagoo approach to TeachMeets is coming to Edinburgh!

So, you might by now have heard of our events such as tmSLFringe in Glasgow, PedagooXmasParty in Newcastle and PedagooLondon in, er, London – obviously. If you have, you might well be wondering why Pedagoo hasn’t yet run one of these TeachMeets in the spiritual home of both TeachMeet & Pedagoo – Auld Reekie. Well, it’s happening this June.

On the afternoon of Saturday 1st June we’ll gather in the Central Library on George IV Bridge to share ideas and learn from each other in a workshop format. Right now we’re looking for practicing teachers like you to sign up to lead one of these workshops. Please don’t be shy. If you’ve tried something out in your classroom that you and your students enjoyed and thought worked well…share it! People who lead a workshop unanimously agree that it is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Once all the workshops are sorted, we’ll open the event to general registration. You can sign up to be notified of when this happens on the wiki too.

In the evening of 1st June we’ll also be having a follow up event in a local pub where everyone will have a chance to share in a very relaxed environment. More details of this to follow…but make sure it’s in your diary!

Edinburgh Central Library are fantastic partners for this event and you should totally check out their resources for learners if you haven’t already: http://yourlibrary.edinburgh.gov.uk/

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!
TeachMeet Pedagoo❤Libraries

3 thoughts on “TeachMeet Pedagoo❤Libraries #tmlovelibraries

  1. Helen Blanchett

    Hi Fearghal

    I’ve just discovered Pedagoo after attending #tmblakes13 in Newcastle last night. I’m a librarian and there have been a few library teachmeets including one I organised (http://toonlibtm.wordpress.com). I’m just wondering if the #tmlovelibraries event would be useful to librarians, or is the lovelibraries bit due to the venue?! I may try to come up to Edinburgh to see what it’s all about and will definitely try to get along to #pedagoocarnival in May. I’m really interested in the concept of Pedagoo and whether it could be adapted for librarians – I love the idea of #PedagooFriday!


    1. Fearghal Post author

      Thanks Helen,

      The name is more about the venue to be honest….I imagine the event will consist mainly of teachers.

      We’re being massively supported in this event by Colm Linnane (@librarydotcolm) who is also a big Pedagoo fan, so it might be worth contacting him…

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