Thank you Paul!

It’s now over four years since we first launched!

Before we were Pedagoo, we were Education Futures: Scotland on a free WordPress site with a few keen founding members.

When we came up with the Pedagoo name we decided to go for a properly hosted site, but how would we host it with no money? Kirsty’s boyfriend Paul kindly offered to help out, and so was launched.

Four years later and Kirsty & Paul are now married with a young family, and all this time Paul has been hosting for us. So anyone who has ever posted on, or enjoyed reading a post on, or taken part in #PedagooFriday, or attended one of our events, owes Paul a thank you for making it possible way back in the beginning and keeping us going all this time.

Paul’s career has since moved on from hosting websites for folk and so it will soon be time for us to part company and find alternative arrangements…in the meantime however I really wanted to extend this thank you, especially as I’ve never managed to buy him that pint I promised him 4 years ago!

1 thought on “Thank you Paul!

  1. dgilmour

    As someone who knows a bit about hosting WordPress, I know this can involve significant time and effort, quite apart from the costs involved, so I’ll second that.

    And you do have a good excuse for the inability to buy that pint just now!

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