The Difficult Second Album

So, for many of us anyway, the summer is over. Back to school. Back to exam results and planning and marking and everything. Back to Pedagoo. Last year saw the first full school year for Pedagoo and it was a great one. The admin team expanded to a fantastic group of people determined to make it work. The blog opened up to many contributors from all educational sectors and beyond. Pedagoo began to receive some wider press publicity. So, where do we go from here?

It would probably be true to say that this time last year no-one really knew how it would pan out. Fearghal certainly had a vision and we all bought into that but there is always the concern that you become a lone voice in education, out of step with the rest of the profession. What did happen, however, was that we discovered that there very much was a place for us and others were looking for that channel to voice their opinions. Pedagoo is beginning to become an important voice in Scotland and this year will be a vital one.

My area of interest of course was Pedagoo Friday. What started as a fairly simple idea after a bad day, late one Thursday night, became an event which often tweets around the world, from Australia to America and many places in between. It changed the focus of our weeks to one of positivity and creativity. Its simplicity merely displays what can be done without much complicated thought. We are doing great things. Let’s share them.

Pedagoo is for all of us. We want to have the conversations which you may not necessarily be having in school. So, get involved, make a plan. Write a blog post about your classroom or something which has been on your mind.

Dylan Wiliam says that: ‘The quality of the teachers is the single most important factor in the education system.’
And, as it says in our ‘mission statement’:

‘If we stand for anything, it is making sure that those we teach are given the best preparation possible for the future. We are interested in ensuring that young people are given every opportunity, every support, and every helping hand as we guide them to master the skills they will need to thrive in an unknowable future.’

We hope you have a great year and your students learn well. Join us here at Pedagoo and tell us all about it.

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