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In a random, and frankly quite odd, discussion on twitter the other night, Eddie and I began batting about the idea of having some sort of awards for/by Pedagoo…

I have to admit that I have an element of distrust about education “awards”. I think this is related to my emerging thoughts on good/best practice: However, there’s something in this idea which appeals to me.

I don’t think we’d do anything web-focused, there’s quite a few of those sort of “best blog” type awards around already. And anyway, Pedagoo isn’t really about blogs and twitter as such, it’s more about making use of blogs and twitter to develop and share practice in order to improve the educational outcomes for our learners.

So, what would our awards be for? Well how about the following awards, each of which could have a number of categories: Educator/School/Local Authority/Student…?


So, there could be an ‘Innovation Award’ given to an educator AND a school AND a Local Authority and so on…

How would this work? I think we could ask for nominations from individuals as blog posts on The nominations would need to include an explanation for each category submitted. We could then either have some sort of vote amongst the community…or the formation of a judging panel…I’m not sure what would be best here.

Why does this appeal to me? As Eddie said…

@mrewhite: @fkelly a body of teachers awarding authorities & schools for their conduct. This is brilliant. Could never happen without a pedagoo though!

So…what do you think? Good idea or bad idea? If you think there’s something in the idea, how do you think it should work? And, given that we normally need a new #PedagooAdmin for each new Pedagoo idea…would you be interested in running these awards?

Would love your feedback on this…please comment below…

6 thoughts on “The #PedagooAwards

  1. Sarah

    You could certainly award this to the Pedagoo team this year!
    Though I haven’t contributed as much as I would have liked I love reading the tweets/emails etc, used/adapted some ideas and have recommended to several friends and colleagues.
    Keep up the fantastic encouraging work – it is oxygen to the soul especially at this time of year with darkness, tiredness and Christmas stuff to get through!
    Pedaglisten Stars?

  2. Colin Smith

    Share concerns about idea of ‘best practice’ – tend to think of ‘appropriate practice for context and goals’. Therefore wonder if “Pedagoo Award” is the best term. What about “Pedagoo Mark of Recognition”?? Not sure, May only be a clumsy semantic difference. Like idea of teachers commenting on LA’s – HMIe, university education departments, etc also?? For individual awards, need to be very careful it does not descend into a competition or people nominating only those who they know, are most active on Twitter, or otherwise have a high profile for some reason and actually genuinely goes for something they have done. Also, is there a danger that it might undermine Pedagoo’s ethos of equality – super teachers and the rest? Not an answer, just some thoughts.

    1. Fearghal Post author

      Hmmm…good points Colin. I share your concerns which is why I’m wanting to consider it in public in this way.

      I agree about the name, but I’m not sure your alternative is the answer! I think if we go about it in the right way though it should be ok to stick with the word ‘awards’, unless we can think of something genuinely better…

      I don’t see this as being nominations for high profile people on twitter. I actually expect that for the most part it would involve someone in the pedagoo community nominating their school or someone on their school who most likely isn’t already a member of the community. That way even the nomination would be a positive action in its own right. The winner wouldn’t therefore be a super teacher, but more the story that touched us the most…?

  3. Colin Smith

    Yes, I think making it clear that it is not necessarily for active Pedagoo members would be a positive step.

    On my mind though were earlier comments by members along the lines that Pedagoo had given them the confidence to write about what they had done. They did not feel they had to have done something brilliant to have a go at sharing. I am not against the idea (perhaps, could be argued to not really be my business, anyway) and I can see the positive aspects in people from Pedagoo recognising work done by individuals or schools not directly in the Pedagoo community.

    However, I do fear that it might go in a direction (or directions) not intended. For example, the person plucking up the courage for a first sharing of practice might look at the sort of things that gets rewards and think there contribution is not up to scratch – seems might happen, despite the actual intention behind the awards.

    I suppose the trick would be to find a way of maintaining what I have called above an ethos of equality (and feeling of not being judged) that I see as a Pedagoo (unique one even) strength and the positive possibilities that you are aiming for.

  4. Fearghal Post author

    From Barbara Gray by email:

    Like you, I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to awards. Having said that they themselves can be a way of sharing practice. Our school has gone for a few and actually it has had a very positive effect on the school. I say go for it!! Spread the pedagoo word! 


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