Wee Pedagoo

What’s this all about?

Wee Pedagoo is the pocket-sized version of Pedagoo. Small but perfectly formed, a Wee Pedagoo event is about carving out a wee space for a very big conversation. Set the topic, grab some teachers and spend an hour talking about what really matters. One creative conversation that packs a real punch- where will your Wee Pedagoo take you?

Who is it for?

Teachers who want to build their professional learning networks and talk about the big picture. Perfect for squeezing into busy schedules, a Wee Pedagoo event is the fuss-free option for teacher collaboration that fits around you. No bells, no whistles, just sharing.

How does it work?

A Wee Pedagoo event is an hour of creative, inspiring and engaging chat about what matters in teaching and learning. As organiser, you set the topic question (we have some ideas to get you started or you can make up your own), invite some teachers and watch the magic happen! Browse our ideas page below:

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There are no presenters, no timers and no name badges- it’s all about one conversation. You can hold a Wee Pedagoo in your staffroom, in the pub after work, in your favourite coffee shop or down the local park- anywhere that teachers from within and beyond your school can get together and talk!  You can also use our cool downloadable logo to share your event and keep the conversation going and don’t forget to tweet us @pedagoo so we can help promote your event.