Wordscapes for assessment

I use these wordscape designs to assess understanding of key words. The children record their key words and phrases inside the template (that can be linked to the specific theme). They are then able to discuss and build upon prior knowledge to develop their understanding and make links to other learning whilst completing their wordscapes. I normally ask the children to complete these over one session to show what they can recap quickly and efficiently.

These wordscapes are also great for a bright, decorative and informative piece of learning for theme books or working walls.

This concept can be used in Maths too, as the children could record calculations to show their understanding of number bonds to 1000, for example.

The vocabulary slips that are used are designed by @pw2tweets and these are a fast and efficient for children to record key words at the start of the session, before they begin their wordscapes.

1 thought on “Wordscapes for assessment

  1. Elizabeth Mellen

    Great idea, I use a similar one in teaching phonics and addressing confusions and misconceptions in alphabetic knowledge. I use a template to create an upper or lower case letter, and the child then fills it in with handwritten examples of that letter to develop automaticity and handwriting fluency. They love it, which always helps retention.

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