Workshop Number 8 – #tmslFringe 2012 Feedback

There was real feeling that before a change in practice must come a change in Mindsets of all involved. It was clear that this day showed that greater teacher collaboration is possible and the enthusiasm felt by all will be taken into school and we will try to share that excitement for learning.

On Monday we should go into our schools and email the pedagoo and pedagoofriday links to all of our colleagues to let them know that we are out there and great things are happening.

We wanted to try out edmodo and solo taxonomy and blogging and glogster and so  much more.  We should listen to people who want to share collaboratively and eventually trickle into schools by hook or by crook. Let us keep positive amidst a sea of naysayers by listening and learning from others who are engaged, positive and forward looking. We now know that this pedagoo community is there for that reason.

In a year’s time some of us are promising to return to next year’s event to share amazing ideas by presenting workshops.

We need to help raise the profile of Pedagoo by direct contact with directors of education, ILAs, Hts etc.

As teachers we must organize and support local Teachmeet/ pedagoo events.

Perhaps in a year’s time all of our CPD will be delivered by teachers for teachers. In a year’s time, our classrooms will be places where everyone – teachers and students –  leaves having learned something,

We need to remember that life long learning does not just happen. We should hold a mirror up to our own learning so that others can see the process. We should inject other teachers with positivity.

To finish, it was nice to hear the individual enthusiasm for Pedagoo and what we are trying to achieve. We need to bottle that enthusiasm and explode it, like champagne, when we get back to schools. Unfortunately, no, we can’t get into teacher training – might be a bit of a closed shop there – but we will continue to keep on keeping on.

This weekend was amazing but will count for nothing if we don’t go back to our schools and prepare for a better future.

Sign up to Organise a teachmeet or become a pedaguru.

Let’s make it happen, people!

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