An Unexpected Journal

If anyone had said to me way back in January that by the end of the year I would be on twitter and writing my first blog I would of looked at them with a mixture of laughter and haughty derision -oh, how I love you, Sheldon. Yet, here I am, in December, on twitter and today writing my first blog. This is all kinds of crazy!!

There are 2 reasons for this incredibly insane turnaround. The first is- I stopped having an opinion on something I knew nothing about (twitter)  and the second, I started to follow some people and liked what they had to say. Sometimes agreeing with them, sometimes not. They were not misogynistic maniacs as I had previously thought (sorry) but genuine people trying to support/advise/coach and  dare I say it, perhaps even teach at times, for those of us like-minded in our quest to improve our own teaching and perhaps even the profession as a whole. I was hooked.

So, here I am with 2013 fast approaching and I have decided to jot down my musings for the coming year.

In January, I take up my new Acting Principal Teacher role and I do so with a real mixture of emotions. Having taught for 20 years I have finally decided to dip my toe in the murky waters of management. When feeling positive, I think what a fantastic opportunity to set the tone not only in my own classroom but beyond those doors and throughout the school. To have a real say, to shape what happens in my school, to speak out for others, to raise standards, to put children first. When feeling somewhat less than positive, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing and fear that I may have to lose some of me along the way. Will I have to sacrifice my ideals? Will my teaching suffer? Will I be too busy to really hear what others are saying?

However, twitter has unknowingly, for several months now, been encouraging and inspiring me to grab the opportunity and run with it. Through my new friends, and yes, I do think of them as friends  I am reassured that it is possible to be in management and retain not only some but all of your integrity, enthusiasm and desire to keep improving

My title suggests a certain homage to all things middle earth, so here we go…

As I set out on my unexpected journey to middle management I do so sure in the knowledge that I can count on my very own fellowship of tweachers to aid me in my quest and to point me in the right direction if I happen to stray off course.  So my journey begins. I will keep in touch and a huge  thanks to all who managed to get me this far. Coming Soon : There and Back Again (An Acting PT’s Tale)


3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journal

  1. Bill Boyd

    Well done Kate. A fascinating insight into your own
    personal fears, hopes, ambitions. This will be an inspiration to
    others who are hesitating about the benefits of networking. Best of
    luck with the acting post – we’ll look forward to reading about it
    in future posts! Bill

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