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Listen in to Pedagoo Primary’s “Feedback Fishbowl”

Just what was in those colourful notes dropped into the Feedback Fishbowl? Listen to Aileen and Robert as they discover some surprises – and hear about a free ASN event coming up in Glasgow. Shameless plugging, but might just be what you’re looking for!

Missed Pedagoo@PL? Catch up on David Cameron’s introduction

[The Real] David Cameron (@realdcameron) launched Preston Lodge Learning Festival in his inimitable style. In a whirlwind session he ranges from Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor through the social geography of East Lothian and meetings with Professor Tim Brighouse, through to the importance of care, compassion and good teaching, and of one teacher’s practice not being any threat to anyone else’s. Enjoy.

Quadblog Fever at #TMSLFringe12

It’s good to see recognition from Henry Hepburn in today’s Times Ed for the contribution Sasha and Rachel made to #TMSLFringe12.

The biggest stars of the day, many agreed, were Sasha Hendrie and Rachel Heather, P5 pupils at Uphall Primary in West Lothian. They spent a whole morning demonstrating how blogging had opened up the world, particularly “quadblogging”, in which Uphall and schools from England, the US and New Zealand take turns to comment on each other’s work.


David Cameron closes #TMSLFringe12

Still not convinced that emerging teacher agency, through Pedagoo and elsewhere, is key to Curriculum for Excellence?

Even you weren’t able to get along to the TeachMeet Scottish Learning Fringe event, grab a coffee and watch this inspirational closing talk from David Cameron @realdcameron.