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Building teaching knowledge – ‘Pedagogical Patterns’

There are some excellent teaching ideas being exchanged in this community, and it’s clearly thriving, judging by the response to the TeachMeet at the IOE. I’m wondering if members would be interested in participating in a new project about to start in the London Knowledge Lab at the IOE: ‘Building Community Knowledge’?

The idea is to help teachers (in all sectors) capture their pedagogy in a more formal way, that can be indexed, collected, and shared. It’s based on a learning design tool called ‘The Pedagogical Patterns Collector“. It’s a website that is currently showing a small collection of ‘pedagogical patterns’ (= lesson design = lesson plan = teaching design…), each of which has a generic version and also a few instances where the pattern has been interpreted for different subject areas. These patterns have been collected mostly from teachers in FE and HE (and some are displayed under the ‘User Generated Patterns button). But most are usable in schools as well, perhaps with some adaptation.

You can browse the patterns, and then adopt and adapt one to improve on it, and then submit it to our collection.

A user guide can be downloaded from the Welcome page.

When the project starts, we will be running webinars and local workshops to engage with teachers so that we can develop the tool further to assist with teacher collaboration and exchange of ideas.

So if you’re interested in joining our mailing list to hear more, please email me ( Maybe we could organise a TeachMeet around it at some point?