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Pedagoo Beach Walk 5 December 2015 #PedagooMeetBoMo


Earlier this term, I attended #PedagooHampshire, organised by Martyn Reah at Eggar’s School in Hants. The day was an amazing success: a wide range of sessions throughout the day, filled with teachers (and some other professions) clearly passionate about their jobs. The conversations were rich and filled the local pub long into the evening.

The day ended with an incredible speech from Vivienne Porritt (@LCLL_Director), and her message really stuck with me. Here we were, 100 or so teachers giving up our Saturday for CPD, but would it be worth it? What difference would this event make to the teaching and learning in our own settings, long term?

As a result, we were determined to keep the ‘learning conversations’ going, and so Martyn, Abigail Mann and myself discussed a follow up event. And so  #PedagooMeetBoMo was born. The plan is to rendezvous on Bournemouth seafront on Saturday 5 December. The day will consist of beach walking, hot chocolate and mulled wine, more walking, and culminate with a Christmas party at the Spyglass and Kettle pub. The main purpose is to catch up again after #PedagooHampshire, and share what has been happening since. How did the day impact our own teaching? Where are we going next?

All attendees of #PedagooHampshire are invited, as are people who didn’t actually make the first event. Come along, find out what we discussed, what we learnt, and what is happening as a result.

The day itself is very informal. No timetables and no set speakers or presentations. Just an opportunity to catch up with fellow colleagues and keep the conversations going.

Hope to see you there. Bring your thermals!


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