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Teach Like A Pirate #FabEduBooks

My favourite edubook is Teach Like A Pirate by Dave Burgess. I found this book on Twitter. I’d seen lots of tweets with #TLAP after them, so tapped on #TLAP and there it was – everyone talking about this book called Teach Like A Pirate. I ordered a copy, read it cover to cover and was absolutely inspired!

“Teach Like A Pirate: increase student engagement; boost your creativity; transform your life as an educator.” Dave Burgess splits the book into three parts with the first being all about passion. This put into words a lot of things I’d thought and felt – the fact you can listen to someone who is passionate about their subject for hours, even if the content is something you had no interest at all in to begin with but by the end you want to study it! I would bet that almost every educator reading this has a reason for being the educator that they are, and it’s most likely a teacher they had in school, or someone that supported them that was passionate and enthusiastic about their subject matter and about their students. By demonstrating our passion for what we love and for learning, we pass that on to our students.

“There is nothing more contagious on this planet than enthusiasm. The songs become incidental, what people receive is your joy.” Carlos Santana (Teach Like A Pirate, p65)

The second part of Teach Like A Pirate is all about “crafting engaging lessons”. There are so many ideas, techniques, hints and tips in this section to encourage great classroom practice – I would recommend this section to everyone, and especially anyone looking for help creating engaging learning experiences. It all starts before the students even come into the room…

“If people think something is going to be great they are more likely to experience it as such.” Teach Like A Pirate p122

The third part is all about ‘Building a Better Pirate’. In this part Dave Burgess talks about some personal experiences that have shaped him and gives words of encouragement to those who are finding it a struggle to keep up their passion and enthusiasm.

This book will encourage you, comfort you, inspire you and remind you why you are an educator in the first place!

Go out and Teach Like A Pirate!

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