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Pick of the #pedagoofriday tweets 20/01/12

Another fantastic #pedagoofriday, thanks to all for sharing! Once again this is not intended to be the best tweets, just a selection to show what #pedagoofriday is all about!

#pedagoofriday had such fun with crystal maze but effective in getting y9 to redraft
Lisa Jane Ashes
#pedagoofriday Said do book report anyway you want. S1 dressed up and reenacted scenes, fan blog, cartoons, comic strips, iPad, podcast etc
David Terron
My first #pedagoofriday - Children were solving a murder mystery, each group diff clue. Tricky but got it! Were so excited and a good boost!
Paul Campbell
#pedagoofriday modelled digestive absorption with S2s 'being' glucose molecules passing through a gut wall made of desks.
Drew Burrett
Using glow learn and e-portfolios with S1 maths class to track and evidence work so far this term. #manicbutfun #pedagoofriday #cfe
Martyn Call
#pedagoofriday outdoor learning- throwing bean bags into a bucket- count how many then find number,kids loved it &kept asking to play again!
Charlene Brannan
@ Educational value of Dr Who proven today: S2s knew sonnet is 14 lines because of Shakespeare Code on Dr Who. #pedagoofriday
Liz Sutherland
Reading the #pedagoofriday posts makes such a positive end to the week; thanks everyone!
caroline breyley

How it all begins

This year I changed…

This year I changed from teaching P5 to teaching nursery! It’s almost the end of the school year and a lot of the time I still have no idea what I’m doing or if I’m doing it right! Its been very good experience though and I’m doing it again next year to further develop my practice. I think it would be good for every teacher to spend some time in nursery (and more than a 4 week placement) as it gives you such an insight into how it all begins, and the kind of practice that maybe should be brought into further up the school.

I hope to do a significantly better job next year now I know the ropes a bit but I’m not sure if I want to do it forever, I don’t want to become pigeon holed as the nursery teacher as I still have a long career ahead of me.

*Excellence not Guaranteed!

Excellence; the fact or state of excelling; superiority; being exceptionally good. So does Curriculum for Excellence mean we have to build an excellent curriculum, then deliver an excellent curriculum and create excellence? This is what I find most daunting about CfE. Just by its title it doesn’t feel achievable and I don’t feel worthy enough to build, deliver or create it, and I know lot’s of others who feel the same. Last term, when discussing CfE in the staffroom, it was jokingly suggested that our school motto should be *Excellence not Guaranteed. I find it sad that one word can make good teachers feel they have to put a disclaimer under their teaching. So I say ignore the title and ignore the phrases; excellence groups, sharing best practice and building your curriculum that make us feel inadequate and focus on the fantastic learning and teaching that we are all capable of.

The ten point implementation plan was supposed to enhance teachers’ confidence in CfE, but I’m not sure these statements would make me feel better; “drawing on experience of teachers from neighbouring schools who have already fully prepared for the new curriculum” translates to ‘this is how you should have prepared’ and “excellence groups” translates to ‘if you are deemed good enough we would like your input’. I agree that the best way to move forward is to get out and about and see how other’s put things into practice but the focus put on this has maybe been more of leading by example rather than networking and building together.

The focus needs to be on sharing and realising that we are in charge of our own classrooms and if our children are happy, engaged and learning, and we are experimenting with different techniques and trying to make learning relevant, deep and enjoyable then we have our own perfect mix of non guaranteed excellence!

Collegiality is going to be one of the most important ways of building each others confidence and moving CfE forward. We need to talk, share, moan and develop together in safe and nurturing places, whether physical places or virtual places, such as here or twitter. The best thing we did at school recently was go out for coffee. At 3.15 on the last Tuesday of the month we ditch the folders, schoolbags and USB drives with our lives on them and just go drink coffee, eat cake and chat. It was great to do and reminded you that the best discussions, developments and ideas come in the least stressful environments! We need to work together in the way we ask the children to, we need to put our hands up if we are stuck and praise ourselves and others for the fantastic work we do! So leave a positive comment, go out for a coffee, introduce someone to twitter, compliment someone and feel good about yourself!

*Apologies for the very happy shiny circle time feel to this post but we need some positivity sometimes!