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Flipping the classroom

Recently I came across the whole idea of flipping the classroom. Like everything else in education although this idea has been around for a little while it is only now that I am hearing about it. I am pretty sure though that I am not alone in this! So time to share what I have found out about flipping the classroom.

A nice couple of videos will it explain it a lot better than I could ever do:




When I first came across this idea it was a bit of an EUREKA! moment. It seems to make perfect sense. Time for me to be with the kids in my higher group during class time on those difficult end of exercise questions that I would normally set for homework. However as ever the little warning bells start to ring and I started asking myself where is the evidence of it working. So started another search.

For the academic amongst you I came across this thesis: I’ll be honest I have not looked at all 244 pages but in general results/enjoyment/independence all seem to have improved. One of a few less intense studies I came across can be found at Now this is more the type of article that makes sense to me.

Ultimately, in teaching, there is no one size fits all.
You, as a teacher, must do
what is best for YOUR set of students.
So do I have the nerve to flip my classroom? Well not this year or next as I am away from the classroom out in secondment. I would love to give it a try though. I am attempting to incorporate some of the ideas into my role as an “Online Study Support” development officer but thats not really flipping more adapting. I would be really interested to know if anyone has attempted the flip or any further thoughts on this