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“Why is revision boring sir?”

Why is revision boring sir?” A year 11 student asked one Friday afternoon, “can we make it more fun…?”

I then went home that evening thinking about how I could get “fun” into revision.  I created a blank monopoly board and begin to put exam type questions around the board on the property tiles.

The next lesson, they walked in to see a a series of these game boards around the room, along with practical tasks to help them find the answers.

The students loved the session and requested to play the game time and time again, I then started to give the students the blank boards and they would create questions and pass their boards to a friend to complete.

Having shared this resource on several social networking sites and having had several hundred requests for it, with many follow up emails thanking me. The real person who should be thanked is that student who felt my lesson was boring and made me reflect and up my game. That single student has no idea on the impact they had on me, and the amount of other students they helped by simply speaking out.