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Technical Education in the Scottish Borders

Last week I presented a seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival playfully entitled “Breaking Boundaries – technical education in the Scottish Borders”. I attempted to portray a snapshot of what is going in on in some of the SBC schools in terms of developing new courses in S1 and S2 with an emphasis on CfE. It was a rewarding experience, if an uncomfortable one. I asked for challenging questions and I certainly got them. Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you in particular for those who joined in the debate at the end.

I have uploaded my presentation to slideshare for those who would like to see what I covered, take a look here.

Are we just ‘tinkering around the edges’ as one person asked? I hope not. Certainly before the question was asked I thought we were doing more, and I still think that we are, though it was a difficult question to ask of myself. It was difficult to give enough detail in such a short session so I think I may have not given everyone what they wanted – and I didn’t attempt to – but hopefully I didn’t give too many people the wrong end of the stick as I fear I may have done.

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