On Monday (16th November) I had a Skype conversation with Marialice Curran who is one of the moderators for Digital Citizen chat (#DigCit) and the organiser of the recent Digital Citizenship Summit in the US (#DigCitSummit), which took place on 2nd October. The events aims and focus was on:

“How children and teens use social media and technology is incredibly important. The focus of the Digital Citizenship Summit is to promote positive and practical solutions towards SAFE, SAVVY and ETHICAL use.”

As our Skype discussion developed it became less a case of an initial discussion about what would be involved, and who should be included in planning a UK event… it became more of an operational conversation.

One week on and we have a venue as Larbert High School have kindly agreed to host the summit, we also have 50 educators and people from a variety of sectors with experience of social media who are keen to get involved and, hopefully, speak at the event.

We are working on some dates that fit in with Larbert High School’s calendar, and expect to have this next week at some point.

Given the momentum there is at the moment with Social Media and Digital Learning in Scotland we felt holding an event sooner rather than later would have the most impact.

As we are expecting some international speakers to attend we thought it would be good for them to be able to attend BETT (20-23rd Jan) and/or the Learning Technologies Conference (3-4th Feb), so we are looking at a date in January or February.

Obviously this is a tight timescale to work towards and it’s going to take a global village of connected educators to pull it off.

I’ve asked critical friends and members of my PLN to help out with this, and wonder if the Pedagoo community might be interested in lending a hand and getting involved in any way that their schedules might allow.

Please Tweet out to #DigCitSummitUK or @mbfxc @EdTech_Stories any and all assistance would be gratefully received.

For more details about the US event please see the links below;

DigCitSummit Description

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