EdFutScot Open Meeting

There’s been so much discussion surrounding this blog and how best to take it forward, I think it’s best that we try to have a meeting to work out how to proceed. We need to make sure that as many who are interested are able to contribute to the direction we take.

Should we maybe be having an #EdFutScot online ‘meeting’ of some sort, open to all? @ @ @ @ #CfEfuture


Fearghal Kelly

Lots of others agreed that this was a good idea, so we came up with a date on doodle: Tuesday 10th May at 8pm.

David Noble has kindly agreed to organise a slot for us on FlashMeeting, which is really easy to use. All are welcome!

@ I’ve booked the Flashmeeting for the first #EdFutScot session – http://t.co/C1d6q8X


David Noble

So, now we need some sort of an agenda…some suggested items include…

  • What is it we’re trying to achieve?
  • Have we made the right call by going with a collaborative wordpress blog? Could we/should we go for another format? How about this from @dgilmour?
  • Have we made the right call with the name? Can anyone think of anything better?
  • Shall we get our own domain name and have the blog hosted to help avoid filters? We have had a kind offer for hosting fromĀ paulwheatley.com
  • How do we reach out to more than the twitterati? Should we be attempting to do more than blog?

Other suggestions are of course more than welcome. Please add as a comment below. See/hear you on the 10th!

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  1. Mr W

    I’m keen that we should start posting specific lessons and ideas on the site. I’m currently writing up a CfE approach to studying a novel that I’ll share when completed. How about some others doing something similar using their ideas/experiences?

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