What is this all about?

PedagooFife is back! Building on the success of Fife’s 2015 Pedagoo event, #PedagooFife will provide a collaborative, dialogue-based professional learning experience to any and all teachers who wish to attend, supported by ongoing learning throughout the year on Attendance at this event will be free!

When and where will it be?

Kilmaron School, Balgarvie Road, Cupar on Saturday 24th September 2016, 11am til 2pm.

What will it look like?

Pedagoo events take a learning conversation rather than a presentation approach. We first ask teachers to sign up to lead a learning conversation and then we’ll open the event to everyone else at which point you’ll choose your learning conversations. In true Pedagoo-style this will not be a series of lectures but a day of conversations in which everyone is encouraged to get involved. Active not passive.

Learning Conversation

1. Student Perceptions of iPads – Norry Leonard, Edinburgh

Having completed a research project on students perception on iPads. I would like to discuss the way can go forward with this new technologies.

2. Learner Logs with OneNote – Michael Allen, Glenrothes High School

This Learning Conversation will be an opportunity to discuss the importance of learner conversations and learning logs in our tracking and monitoring process at Glenrothes High School. I will share our progress with Learner Logs in OneNote using Glow and how we intend to use these to inform tracking and monitoring. I will show you how we are using PSE time to get our learners to reflect on their successes/failures and identify their own targets. We are at an early stage in this, so if you are too, please consider attending this conversation and adding your experience.

3. #PoundlandPedagogy – Sarah Clark, Queen Anne High School

Poundland pedagogy is a popular hashtag on Twitter where teachers use cheap everyday items (usually bought from pound stores) in innovative ways to engage pupils. Learning is active and pupils love the variety of tasks in the classroom. Get involved, join in and have some fun in your lesson. Ask yourself, how can I use this? Get your thinking caps on. In the conversation we will look a some examples used by teachers in primary and secondary classes and see if you can come up with some ideas yourself

4. Kitbag: Reset to Factory Settings – Olivia Wexelstein, Kinglassie Primary School

Kitbag is a set of resources designed to help children increase resilience and confidence and to build positive relationships at home and at school. The main elements encourage calmness, reflection, creativity, communication, self-care, mindfulness and hope.

5. How the ScoobyDoo do we learn from children with Autism? – Karen Doherty, Southwood Primary School

Exploring the challenges & joys of supporting children with ASD – connectedness in the classroom.

6. Social Stories – Agnes McMaster, Tayport Primary School

I will be sharing how I’ve used social stories to support transitions and changes

7. Learning for Sustainability – Isla Lumsden, Kilmaron School

Learning for Sustainability is a core concept in our school. We have a strong partnership with a school in Malawi and our pupils have benefitted from this partnership. The learning conversation will explore the themes of partnership working, global citizenship and how to integrate these into the curriculum

8. Top Tips for Digital Learning – Gemma Sanderson, Kirkton of Largo Primary School       

I’ll be sharing tips for incorporating digital learning into your classroom whether you have iPads, laptops or BeeBots in your classroom.

9. Sway – Laura Paterson, ICT Skills Tutor

An introduction to using Sway in your classroom.

Programme for the Day

11 – Welcome and Icebreaker

11.10 – Lego Therapy with Judith Scott

11.45 – Learning Conversation One

12.15 – Learning Conversation Two

12.45 – Learning Conversation Three

1.15 – Thanks and Plenary

We’ll be around until 2pm for networking

Sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

#PedagooFife will not happen without your contributions, your interaction, your presence. So, now, we invite anyone who would like to attend to join in by filling out the form below.

To sign up, simply add your details to the form below and click submit!