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Okay – I think we have managed to pin down the date as 5th November.


However, not sure what the finalised theme is… there was a lot of chat in the “Themes” forum and I had kind of discounted my earlier questions on HGIOS as being too specific.

Perhaps we could review conversations on the #ScotEdThemes and see where we are?


I am happy to host a “warm up” chat in the first instance if that is what is decided (Athole – I am not sure if this was what you were referring to in tweet or the earlier suggestions).  I quite like the idea of Gary launching the slow chat with “Whole Child”/Character as the theme.  I think I would prefer to see a run through before hosting a bigger issue? I am not a blogger and would prefer to seek others out to contribute/stimulate the discussion on particular aspects over the course of a week.  I am happy to dip my toe in the blogging world to then summarise and collate discussions.


Anyone fancy drafting a “How to” guide to hosting #ScotEdChat?


I like Fearghal’s logo – will we just go with this?


Think we need some executive decisions asap so that we can start drumming up business through the @ScotEdChat account and retweeting like crazy.

What do you all think?