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Hi Gary,

I thought Caradh was totally brilliant last week. And she harnessed LOADS of post chat feedback and linking etc.

I’m happy to host one this week to keep momentum going.

I saw a simple idea on #sltchat page using a google form for people to submit questions etc. And offer services to host. Was going to put one together tonight.

Having a theme is good but I think sometimes working with crowd sourced questions will make the hashtag more manageable and grassroots.

I think we need to play around with the #slowchat format and try different things out. So, go for it.

I wouldn’t start promoting the chat for the 19th November till the week of the chat. There are loads of these Ed Twitter Chats and it would risk getting lost in the mix. Most of the ones I follow present the questions on the day of the chat.

Topics I thought might be good were:

1) Pupil Voice

2) A chat about the Digi Learning consultation

3) Time for teaching

I also don’t want to step on other people’s toes – so tell me which one you think would work best and I’ll get to it!