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@fearghal the LA education departments do not decide infrastructure policy, their corporate divisions do. The litigation-aversity there is what has brought us the blind ignorance of web filtering and there is no incentive to change this, even if you accept (and there is no evidence for it) that teacher demand has any influence. GLOW was only taken up by COSLA members when they were incentivised by central government. @feorlean is unlikely to volunteer himself for the criticism by ditching the command-procured solution that GLOW has become, at least before the next election.

Meanwhile, the success of any new scheme created by independents like @charlie_love is in the hands of the content filters. It’s too early to suggest that Google or anyone else has a solution that could be adopted across the country and this is the key to it – child protection demands either a unified national solution or a significant increase in spending by individual schools. I can see neither in the near future.

Good luck with the session, it’s good to see people learning the generic tools of efolios, blogs and wikis.