Reply To: Learners taking responsibility

Helene O’Shea

Since I have been working on that with my year 10 this year, can I also suggest reinforcing the idea of a Growth Mindset with students? I used a simple slide stolen from a post from @pekabelo ‘s blog, which contrasts Fixed and Growth Mindsets. I had that slide up for several successive lessons then only the Growth mindset half; this was then coupled with a good look at what engagement means, such as the school redrafted a document spelling out the descriptors for engagement grades. It’s a bit dense but I have reduced it to a quick arrow/pyramid that I point a few students to when needed in class.
The engagement criteria encompass the ideas of being responsible, pro-active and having a growth mindset.

I’m not sure this make much sense at this time of night but would love to discuss this further.