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Jane Thomson

First of all, thanks to Fearghal for organising this and also for setting me up in WordPress! Prices are very good so I’m definitely in. Olivia, Kirsty and I decided at #beermeet that we will also bring some home baking.
John’s suggestion is very good; he’s right that the weekend should really be about thinking, reflecting, sharing our understandings. If we can produce anything, that would be a bonus.
Can I also make a plea? How do we recruit new blood (not that your’s is old). Kenny was spot on when he blogged about our TM community having the same mindset. We really do need other thinkers, other perspectives to get to the heart of effective education in Scotland. How can we do this? Can we discuss this at the retreat? Meanwhile, I’ll keep working on colleagues at work to sign up – tomorrow it’s the lollipop man I’m targeting:)