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Me and the weans took a wee trip up to Innerwick today to check out the facilities. The place has been recently refurbished and is really nicely done inside. It is like a high speck youth hostel. It has a new kitchen, nice and big with a big fridge and big freezer. There are two public rooms, one for dining, and one for lounging. Both could be used for group work too, with max of 3 groups in the big room and 2 in the dining room, I guess if there are more groups we could put chairs in the dorm rooms, or if it is nice weather there is plenty of outside space. For sleeping there are 2 twin rooms (shotgun!) and 4 dorm rooms sleeping between 6 and 8 each. The dorms are in two pairs sharing a set of toilets and showers, so would work well are a boys and girls pair of dorms. It was toasty warm inside and there is plenty of parking. Orla’s opinion was that it smelt a bit, but she is 3 – it could have been a compliment! So seems like a good spot for the weekend.