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Kirsty Forbes

TMRetreat is getting closer and we have 22 participants so far! Thank-you for signing up! With this in mind we have been having some thoughts on how to structure the retreat and how to avoid it becoming just a long TeachMeet. The idea started with the basis of coming together and creating something, or developing a way to impact on Education. A thought that we have had now is to begin on the Friday evening with looking at the International Futures Forum booklet on Transformative Innovation in Education located here

The idea of ‘3 horizons’ in this paper, through discussion, would hopefully create themes to focus on in groups for the rest of the weekend. The product being that each group would create something; text, audio, video, scribbles – anything recording their thoughts on the theme and how the change in education could be brought about which could then be ‘recorded’ on for others to see/input on and the conversation would hopefully continue. The Saturday would be set aside for this group work, with a presenting/feedback session in the evening and then time on Sunday to address feedback given before departing. Thoughts?