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    Hello and welcome to our new forums which will provide a space for teachers to support each other to implement your 2013 classroom practice resolutions. To see where this came from look here:

    Please feel free to contribute to any of the forums as appropriate. Your input would be especially welcome if you have previously tried any of the changes and are able to contribute some advice/support.

    Although how this idea progresses is very much up to you, I thought it might be useful to propose a suggested approach to get things going…

    1. Each member of the group could start by sharing:
    – what do you want to achieve?
    – why do you want to achieve it?
    – what would success look like from the pupils’ perspective?
    – how do you intend to make the change?
    – what difficulties might you encounter?
    – what would help address these difficulties?

    When developing this sort of community, it’s especially useful to share actual evidence from your classroom. This could be your observations, comments from students/colleagues or even pieces produced by students. Obviously any such sharing should be completely anonymosied.

    2. Once everyone has shared the above, this should lead to the opening up of a discussion and sharing of ideas. It would be useful for at least some, if not all, members of the community to look outside of the community for ideas at this point. This could be from literature, weblinks, or by asking for input on twitter from people who have tried this approach before.

    3. Everyone could then decide upon and share their method of change and how they will evaluate impact. This could be agreed collectively as a group, or not. You could have 2/3 people with an agreed approach and others doing the same thing. The most important thing is that each teacher is doing what is most appropriate for their context and their students.

    4. Throughout the process a regular sharing would be encouraged. At least one post per month say. Again, this would be best if it included evidence from the classroom as described above, if possible.

    5. At an appropriate point it would be beneficial to have a larger reflection/evaluation of the change. This could be on the forum, or as a blog post on Pedgaoo, or a prezi etc. with the hyperlink in the forum. This reflection could be written collaboratively if appropriate.

    6. You’d hope that the implementation of the change would continue over time after the big reflection, in which case continued sharing in the group would be encouraged of course!

    As I say, this is just a suggested approach based on my experience to get things going. If you come up with something different in your group, why not share it in the parent forum:

    If you are on your own with your resolution, please feel free to follow this process in your forum still. You could use it as a way of reflecting upon your progress and it would allow others to give you support.

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