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    Ryan Delaney

    – what do you want to achieve?
    -I am keen to become more confident (and to actually just remember to do it..) at stopping at appropriate intervals in my lesson and bring the children back to the L.I and S.C. The two times I have done this (during observed lessons, I must admit) it has been very successful.

    – why do you want to achieve it?
    -Because I know theoretically it is important and I believe, from seeing it in practice that it really helps children ponder where they are in the learning process, whilst allowing me to extend the more able children by adding another L.I into the lesson.

    – what would success look like from the pupils’ perspective?
    -A greater ability to discuss their learning, how they are managing the activity, and a chance to share their learning with their peers.

    – how do you intend to make the change?
    -To begin with I will need to remember to plan it into my lessons, or even better – tell the class that it’s my resolution and get them to make sure I am doing it.

    – what difficulties might you encounter?

    – what would help address these difficulties?
    -Become less concerned about time, getting through content and actually enjoy the messy process that is learning.

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