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    #pedagooglasgow group 1

    Here is a summary of group 1’s plenary workshop at #pedagooglasgow:

    What have you learnt today that you could use on Monday?

    QR Reader and it’s potential in classroom (quizzes, etc)

    Methods for keeping on top of marking – daily marking of jotters idea

    Try to develop more opportunities for my pupils to talk and share experiences to help improve writing

    I will include, in discussions, the purpose of the curriculum, and how it has developed

    Stand and deliver learning activity to allow pupils to facilitate each other’s learning and learn the causes of WW1

    Introduce a “wonder table” – all contribute

    Use of “best 3” marking within writing.  I will choose the best three pieces of writing from last week and pupils will explain why think they have been chosen

     What have you learned today that you could use a year from now?

    SOLO Taxonomy

    Flipped classroom – can research how to do, treat as professional enquiry, build up set of videocast resources

    Writing workshop – motivation and discipline to complete dissertation.  SOLO taxonomy, sharing practice with students, and using it in classes

    Forest Schools – look at how to develop a programme for outdoor learning at my new school – get pupils to plan the activities

    Hoping to provide more opportunities for outdoor learning.  Aim to use Wolf Brother’s Wildwoods resource from Forestry Commission as stimulus

    Introduce a new reading scheme, variety of suggestions – Read, write, ink (Floppy’s phonics), Jelly and Beam

    Include more “Flipped” content for my S4.  Upload new assessment to National Moderation Site

    What can we (Pedagoo) do to support this?

    Keep the on-line sharing forum so we can support each other

    Ask us to account for how we are getting on with the things we try on Monday / next year! More Pedagoo events.

    Events like this, sharing practice and tips

    Continue to share resources online

    Keep up pedagoo events! Online sharing, forum and twitter

    More events like this!

    Continue great work already in place! TeachMeets are excellent!


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