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    We’re going all ‘facebook’ and suggesting a change to the way we do things. We would very much welcome your feedback on this suggestion before we proceed…

    When we set up we were keen to encourage involvement by presenting as few barriers as possible to teachers adding posts. As such, it is currently possible for anyone (well anyone who knows that Pedagoo is a play on the word pedagogy!) to create an account and publish a post on the site. However, as the size of the site has grown in terms of members and readers, I’m beginning to get a little ‘twitchy’ (for want of a better word) about this arrangement. This is especially the case given some of the recent events regarding social media.

    The suggestion is that when people sign up to the site they become ‘contributors’ instead of ‘authors’. All current authors would also be reassigned to contributor status. This would still allow people to sign themselves up and join Pedagoo automatically, and write a post. However posts would need to be ‘approved’ by an admin before publication. Admins would be notified automatically by email and contributors would receive an automatic email notifying them that they’re post has been approved.

    The reality is that the majority of authors actually ask one of the admin team to have a look at their post before publishing anyway, so it would make no difference in these cases anyway – it would just automate the request process which might actually make things a bit easier.

    Pedagoo is run without funding. The site is hosted out of goodwill and managed by volunteer practicing teachers. We hope our members can understand our desire to take this small step to protect the site and ourselves from potential misuse. We’re in no way trying to control the site and the vast majority of posts would still be approved. Any posts which were purely commercial in nature, or dealt with a subject in a way which we felt was inappropriate (for example discussed another individual in a negative way) would be asked to reconsider their post.

    All comments on this suggestion greatly received…


    All sounds good to me.


    Thanks Jordan-Leigh!

    Had the thumbs up from Kenny P by email as well…


    I think that is a wise decision. In real terms, there may be a slight delay to publishing, but — given how often I check my email! — it would be negligible in terms of inconvenience.

    You are right to think about preventing any abuse before it happens. “Make it so, Mr Kelly!” 🙂


    Sensible decision and shouldn’t be a problem for genuine contributors.


    Agree that this is a sensible way to go, most folks won’t mind a delay and maybe more will feel more confident posting if they get a green flag from the admin team


    All sounding very positive…thanks so much for taking the time to comment guys.


    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. That’s the change made now!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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