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    Thought I’d start the ball rolling and use the format suggested by Fearghal Kelly so here goes….
    – what do you want to achieve?
    I would like to be more competent at structured feedback, I think at the moment I tend to shy away from being too critical and although this encourages pupils I don’t feel any effect beyond my classroom.

    – why do you want to achieve it?
    Achieving this would allow pupils to become better learners in the context of my subject and hopefully transfer their learning into different areas

    – what would success look like from the pupils’ perspective?
    Pupils have more specific target on how to improve their learning

    – how do you intend to make the change?
    Peer assessment requires pupils to have language which can be critical but not criticise and I need to structure and model good practice in this. I feel that quality success criteria may be a good start linked with AifL to gauge learning

    – what difficulties might you encounter?
    In using AifL to gauge learning, sometimes I feel pupils give what they think you want rather than where they are in their learning
    – what would help address these difficulties?
    I need to be more inventive in how I collate responses of how pupils are feeling about their learning so I intend to become better at using quizdom etc to capture data.

    -what am I doing now?
    More thinking about this than actually doing anything about it to be honest!

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