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    A space to design and organise a possible Fringe Festival for the Scottish Learning Festival.
    More here: http://www.pedagoo.org/2012/03/teachmeet-slf-fringe/

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    • This topic was modified 11 years ago by Fearghal.

    This is a great idea Fearghal and I’m more than willing and happy to help and be involved in any way! Just need to give it some thought now! 😉


    I’m hoping to come up for SLF this year, and if so, this would be something I’d be happy to get involved with and support. Happy to do a table on our work with the Geography Collective on Mission:Explore and what we mean by guerrilla education, as seen at this year’s Microsoft Partners in Learning event. Plenty on creativity, outdoor learning and seeing the world differently….


    Yes please. fed up of never being able to come to SLF as it’s held on a weekday during termtime and only the QIOS seem to get time off to go down! And they never share the goodie bags afterwards 😎


    Good stuff! There’ll be nae goodie bags at tmslfFRINGE though…so if that’s what yer after you may as well stay in yer bed!


    Yes! I’m interested. For the past 2 years I’ve been unable to make SLF because it’s in the height of the twilight training season for me – which is very seasonal being outdoors – although I’m always up activities in the dark!


    Hey folks,

    The wiki is now up and open for people to sign up to lead workshops…


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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