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    Hello from the heart of Scotland. I’m hoping to organise a pedagoo teachmeet sometime soon, but in the meantime, please say hello if you’re in this neck of the woods! 😉

    Gem Scotland

    Hi – I cant find a Stirling(ish) Pedagoo Local. I’m assuming the PKC stands for Perth and Kinross Council? Would a wee PDGE student from Stirling be welcome?


    Hey I live and work in PKC. I am a probationer teacher and would love to come along to a teachmeet in this area 🙂


    @ Gem,
    Of course you’ll be welcome! I actually got my degree and teacher training at Stirling… and lived and worked there for many a year. If we can get enough interest, I’d be happy to try and help arrange a specific Stirling TM in the new year.

    Keep watching this space! I’m currently trying to think of/source a suitable venue for a meet in the New Year at the latest. I’ll try and get a note out through PKC’s internal mail as well once things start coming together.



    Ok great Neil, Im gonna to recommend Pedagoo to all the other PKC probationers as well to see if we can generate some more interest in a meet in this area too.


    Hey folks,

    I’m also a probationer in PKC (Pitlochry, teaching Biology), thought I’d say hello!
    Would be interested in coming along to a teachmeet sometime…..


    Just moved to Perth having worked in Argyll for the last 4 years, now teaching at Blairgowrie, if a teachmeet is on the cards I’m up for that…

    Mark McShane

    Mr. Winton I presume…I believe we have met. What about a beer, sorry, planning meet at some point.


    Hi Neil and everyone – I’m up for a local TM – Perth is OK for me. it’s be good to catch up with local folks and could team up with anyone coming from Stirling. The new HT at Auchterarder @Davidclyde (or something like that) might be up for providing a venue?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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