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    Somewhere near the train station for travellers, the Hebrides at the back of the station maybe?

    Des Nelson

    I work in West Lothian but live in Edinburgh, so no preferences on location. Not fussed on beermeet though, but cheesemeet sounds fun.


    CHEESEMEET! 😛 not a beer fan but other alcoholic beverages are a bonus 🙂


    So does anyone know somewhere that does alcohol and cheese? And before you say it Andrew cavendish is not an option, wrong type of cheese

    jenny ross

    Cheese meet= De Vinos?

    Neil Valentine

    I’d be keen to be involved. Know how much other professionals get out of meetups so I’d be enthusiastic to be part of this development for local teachers.


    De vinos sounds good to me


    The Jolly Judge was one of the early venues for TeachMeets in Edinburgh…we could bring things full circle…? It’s got WiFi I think.

    Colin McGill

    Jolly Judge is fine by me.


    Love to join in the Teachmeet. Happy with venue in Edinburgh….Date?

    Claire Young

    Datewise…How about the first week back after the October break (for Edinburgh City Council teachers this means w/c 22nd Oct…I don’t know if we’re in step with other Lothians Authorities though!) then we can start the new term with new ideas.

    Any of the venues suggested thus far work for me.

    Looking forward to this happening 🙂

    Robert Drummond

    That week would be good for me (and WLothian teachers are back at school that week also).
    Thought I’d already posted this. Hmm.


    Week beginning 22nd October sounds good – towards the end of the week – Thursday or Friday – Jolly Judge.

    Do we need to contact Jolly Judge to reserve an area?


    Also do we want it to be informal just a drink and chat with like minded people or more like Teachmeet365?

    Claire Young

    I’ll keep the Thursday and Friday free until we decide which suits best – I’m free for either.

    Structure-wise, as it’s the first time of meeting up how about we all bring one thing (a single activity / lesson / strategy / project) that’s going well and we’d like to share and one thing currently frustrating us and we’d like to solve. We can see how they all match up? Having met and broken the ice we could then maybe go for something with more like a Teachmeet… I won’t object to launching straight into more of a teachmeet though!

    Space reserving may be worth it so we don’t end up having to wander up and down the Royal Mile of loads of other people have also chosen to be out and about.

    Thanks for moving things forward amweston!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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