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    What is the purpose of #ScotEdChat and how will it work?


    Some of the initial thoughts were:

    “Each month a volunteer (or group of volunteers) could choose one week when they’ll offer to faciliate a discussion on a particular theme.
    This could involve requesting/inviting/encouraging a few indivuduals with a particular interest or expertise in that area to contribute their thoughts to kick-start the conversation.”

    Although the conversation has moved on a lot since. I’m not entirely sure where we’re up to. It’d be great if someone who has been more involved could outline the current plans.

    In the meantime, I knocked up a possible wee logo…



    I think the consensus so far was for a slow chat format. 5 days and 5 questions round a theme. Based on Twitter and hosted by a person or a group of volunteers. On Sunday all the chat and links are collated into a blog post.

    But I think we can be as creative as we want to with this. potentially link in with events like RadioEdTalk, TeechMeets, Pedagoos, conferences etc. – And encourage parental, student and 3rd sector groups to lead the discussion too.


    Logo looks good!  It has been hard to keep track of plans via twitter.  This should make it much easier to discuss and make some clear decisions.

    I like the idea of the host being able to invite people to kick start the discussion.  This would take the pressure off and has the potential to involve a greater variety of people/sectors.

    Weeks questions advertised via Twitter immediately following previous chat.  Then…

    e.g. Day 1 – Question is advertised alongside a link to a short pedagoo blog on the subject. Slow chat via Twitter.  Host retweeting selection through @ScotEdChat account.  And so on…

    Host then produces a summary blog at the end of the week and perhaps uses something like storify to collate tweets?



    This all sounds great. And are we thinking every week, or one week each month still? I worry that we might burn ourselves out if we go for every single week?


    One a month sounds good particularly to begin with.  It would give time in between to build momentum and encourage engagement from a variety of sectors/contributors.   No reason why we couldn’t also do the odd quick fire chat in between if someone had a burning issue they wished to discuss?


    One a month till the New Year with some quick fire chat in between sounds good to me.


    Hi all,

    Athole thanks for invite to join.

    One focus per month sounds great. Like the idea of account holder curating through @scotedchat account. Looking forward to keeping up and contributing.

    Ross (Children’s Parliament Comms)


    Welcome Ross. Great to have your contributions and experience. Was singing the Children’s Parliament’s praises yesterday to an HT who had not heard of you!

    Gary Walsh

    Hey all – this all sounds great! Trying to keep an eye on it from Ireland (bad timing for a holiday!) but delighted #scotedchat has become ‘a thing’ in my absence. That’s the whole point after all. Format above looks great.

    I reckon we’ve pretty much done the first ‘slow chat’ – forming #scotedchat – so I’ll try to make some time today to post a blog about it.

    I will happily host a slow chat on ‘whole person education’ when I’m back – do we have any initial dates?


    What about Thursday 5th November?  That would give plenty time to finalise plans and get the word out to encourage participation?  A slow chat on “whole education” would actually be a nice way to start, it is pretty inclusive.

    We could still consider a warm up chat on Thursday 29th – 8.30-9pm? We could either use my warm up suggestion or keep it more simple and use it as a Pop in and say hello e.g:

    Who are you and what do you do?

    What are your main areas of interest?

    How can we encourage participation in #ScotEdChat?

    I would happily host this one via the @ScotEdChat account (is that possible?) and, of course, a slow chat on another date.

    Perhaps, we could go back to the original google doc now?



    That all sounds fab!

    I should point out that there’s a #GTCSpl slow chat on Monday to Thursday next week on literature which we could all join in with also…


    Sounds good Caradh. 5th November. #scotedchat kicks of with a bang on bonfire night!

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