3 thoughts on “Independent Learning in Biology

  1. john sexton

    A great idea using a glog. For those who have never used a glog it is a sort of on-line electronic poster. Great for sharing ideas, recording the students’ learning and allowing imaginitive use of a wide variety of media. Neat wee tool but if students are not used to presenting their studies in this way it can be a wee bit tough to set them in that direction. Although once they are on the path most really like it. For the teacher it is not only the finished article that’s important but the research and organisation that goes into its creation on a topic. Again it is not about the tech taking over but the tech allowing creativity in the classroom.

  2. Paul Cochrane

    Very interesting. Advantages numerous as in engagement of most, though not all (it was ever thus!) and a creative and integrated journey. Disadvantages are the slowing of pace as we are currently being advised to aim for progress rather than depth. Other classes are about 0.5 to 1 full topic ahead of mine, have higher ‘formal assessment’ marks but have not produced the enriched variety of work that mine has!

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